the novel

Joining a racing syndicate
could become deadly serious...

The syndication of racehorses is increasingly popular these days, but what happens when your gorgeous young yearling proves to be a potential star? That's when devious people set out to take your racehorse from you...


Meet Ben Ramsden

Ben Ramsden is a racehorse syndicate manager and someone is trying to acquire all the shares in his potentially top class racehorse 'The Ghost Machine'. What's worse, it looks like the people behind the plot to wrestle 'The Ghost' from his syndicate will stop at nothing to secure all the shares. One by one, the shares are acquired and soon the remaining syndicate members have a tough decision to make when the shadowy group behind the ownership coup makes its true intentions known. Set in England, the story follows the elation, disappointment, intrigue and thrills of racehorse ownership and reveals a world where the promise of money, recognition and success can prove to be a toxic combination. When a racehorse starts showing top class potential as a youngster you can be sure devious people will be out there waiting to snatch ownership from you...

About the

Richard Laws

The Syndicate Manager is the debut novel by Richard Laws. He has worked in the racing industry for over twenty-five years. A syndicate manager since 2004, he is the founder of the biggest small-share syndication company in the United Kingdom.

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